CTO Obstacles – Scaling Up and Expanding Software Products

Photo by Vanessa Garcia from Pexels

Aren’t the responsibilities of the CTO varied? It is mostly about being in charge of the organization’s technology demands and research and development (R&D). However, in other circumstances, CTOs must confront additional difficult challenges. One of them is effective scaling-up management for software products.

The questions posed here are about potential dangers and the best method to deal with them. So continue reading to learn about frequent scenarios, including premature scale, technical debt, software priority, and budget constraints.

Premature scaling. Make sure you are ready!

According to Startup Genome research, scaling too soon is the root cause of startup failure in up to 70% of cases. Companies invest when they are not fully prepared.

What is causing this? The simplest explanation is that organizations don’t recognize when it’s appropriate to scale up. You’ll find out soon if your product isn’t ready for it. It makes little difference if income is high since other procedures eat the funds. Another typical mistake is increasing recruitment when the product is still of low quality or no longer meets consumer expectations.

You may have a large client base, but what if they begin to leave as soon as they see flaws and a lack of quality? The Pareto principle is an excellent notion when scaling too early.

According to this research, 20% of clients generate 80% of their income. As a result, it is preferable to initially focus on refining the product and getting to know the demands of consumers so that product features areas as near to market expectations as possible. In this manner, you can establish a small portfolio of delighted clients who trust you.

Technical debt

It is both a very common and a very difficult condition. Product development is constantly hampered by technical debt. You can disguise the product’s flaws for a time, but they will eventually show. As a result, the sooner you address them, the better.

CTOs (and C-suite executives in general) who have recently begun working with a certain product are frequently confronted with technical debt. It does take some time to resolve all issues, but it is well worth the effort. Your consumers will rapidly appreciate the deployment of current solutions, fault-free operation, and adherence to industry best practices.

To cope with technical debt, you must surround yourself with an experienced development team. Make sure your staff can overcome this difficulty, so you don’t have to deal with any complications…

Software prioritization

Do you know how it feels to glance at your backlog and see an infinite list of things to complete? This is also one of the most challenging issues for CTOs to grow a product. Because the number of developers is usually restricted, tasks should be chosen and prioritized to preserve development continuity.

Of course, you must accept that you will not always fulfill all of your objectives, especially if your team is overburdened. However, it is very natural, and you simply need to handle the entire process correctly. Consider a team extension, similar to a rescue team, which would benefit your developers. This solution provides an opportunity to speed development.

Budget constraints

We suppose there is no such thing as a too-large budget, right? That is the case with all types of projects (particularly software development projects), and maintaining under budget is a significant issue for C-level executives. Scaling is usually linked with significant investment.

From the standpoint of software development, it is without a doubt the most difficult problem, directly behind recruiting the top IT professionals who ensure long-term development and high-quality products. Anyway, how do you deal with financial constraints? There is no hard and fast rule for this. We recommend creating certain budgetary assumptions at the outset and attempting to keep to them.

These assumptions, of course, must be confirmed by in-depth analysis and, preferably, real experience. Never plan your entire budget; instead, leave room for unexpected expenses or delays. When scaling a product, you always try your best to avoid them, but they are, sadly, all too common.


You will expedite your expansion and boost your chances of success if you handle the software product scaling process appropriately and avoid these typical errors. Our final piece of advice to you as CTO is to surround yourself with a team of professionals. Keep in mind that even the best CTO will not fulfill the company’s objectives unless they work with skilled staff. So… best of luck!