Chief Technology Officer Career and Salary Information

Photo by Anthony Shkraba from Pexels

With the current trend in expansion and globalization of most businesses, technological management keeps gaining significance. Chief technology officers are shouldered with the responsibility of directing the technical affairs of an organization. It has been proposed that Chief technology officers will grow steadily in subsequent years because of their fast-rising contribution to a company’s executive team. This is not far-fetched because it is expected that job growth will occur as the technology needs of businesses increases. 

The Chief technology officer directly reports to the Chief executive officer. The job descriptions of a Chief technology officer include instituting the technical vision for a company. They also have the sole responsibility of ensuring that all aspects of technology development are well attended to by following the set goals and objectives of the company.

The specific duties of a chief technology officer include;

  • Growth and management of the technological team
  • Creation of technology standards and practices and ensuring overall adherence
  • Play the lead role in formulating strategies for various technological platforms, partnerships and even external relationships
  • Providing recommendations via advocacy and presentations to the management body
  • Supervising research and development as well as special projects
  • Overseeing software testing and the maintenance of information systems security
  • Implementation of data systems and monitoring their effectiveness in meeting the goals of the business
  • Management of staff in areas of function such as LAN/WAN architecture, systems operations and software and hardware support
  • Interaction with the executive team to thoroughly assess and make appropriate recommendations for technologies supporting the company’s needs.
  • Instituting technology contingency plans to keep the work going
  • Oversee web application and the development of software
  • Generates new products and facilitates their entry into the market
  • Supervises web application and the development of software
  • Anticipate and give appropriate responses to major changes in technology


Like employment openings for any job, the salary levels up with an employee’s level of education, professional pedigree, and work experience. This way, employees with high ranks regarding the previously mentioned get to earn higher than those with a low ranking. A 5.8% increase over the 2014 range has been noticed in the salary scale of Chief technological officers.

Education and Training Requirements

A lot of the time, the position of the Chief technological officer usually requires a bachelor’s degree as the least qualification with a vast experience in IT management. Competing for a higher position is generally stiff, and candidates with master’s degrees are often preferred to join in the race. Professionals in IT who desire to advance career-wise can improve their chances by specializing in IT management and earning an MBA. It gives them a higher hedge. For such people, they should satisfy certain requirements such as;

  • Engaging in the analysis of case studies to acquire insights into the possible challenges in the business world
  • Applying strong business skills to run an IT department or a high-tech company
  • Evaluating possible technological problems and creating potential solutions
  • Assessing the competencies and capabilities of Organizations

If a career as a Chief technological officer is what you desire, trade with any of this information and get the best bet at doing excellently well at what you set out to do.